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Paper Stomp Rocket Template

Let the bomb dry in the mold for a few minutes, then carefully remove the top half. The following two pages are work pages that students use to guide their project. Are your students up for the job? The original instructions I found for this called for newspaper, but there were two drawbacks to using it.

Lab sheets, student and teacher instructions, and challenge signs are all included! This paper rockets and saved it. This will be the fulcrum. You may want to have a spare milk jug or two around, too, as the plastic may break after repeated launches. And great activity for this book, which we LOVE.

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Insert the pointed end of the straw into the straw hole of the juice pouch. You can add nose cones, fins, etc. Free Birthday Party Printables! Get access to exclusive worksheets and our newsletter. Fill the jar with water until it is almost full.

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Compare rockets to an arrow, a weather vane, or a dart. Army Record OfMay also be used to impart extra energy to a monopropellant.

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