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Q I have very poor eyesight with a contactglasses prescription of 55D in the. After LASIK it is important to follow all instructions given by the surgeon to. He recommended LASIK over PRK and has had many military and commercial pilots. I haven't been to the eye doctor since those last routine checkups in the months. The two types of Excimer laser surgery performed commonly in Canada are PRK. It's estimated that over 700000 people underwent LASIK eye surgery last year.

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Though my vision wasn't bad my friend encouraged me to consider laser eye surgery. I highly recommend Dr Roberts he did an excellent job on my LASIK surgery Manuela G.

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I am very happy waking up in the mountains with 2015 vision after a factory PRK job they told me at the Vankouver.

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If you're suffering because your LASIK went wrong you'll want to read this. LASIK flap trauma can cause the flap to completely come off the eyebad news.

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Thousands of Canadians are turning to laser eye surgery to correct their vision. I got LASIK my advise to you is to spend the money on a GOOD doctor i spent 6600 on. Is 1.50 eye prescription bad?

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Having a 20200 visual acuity means the smallest letters that you'll identify from the chart by standing 20 feet away from it will be equal to the size of the smallest letters a person with normal vision would be able to identify at a distance of 200 feet from the chart.

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If you want LASIK to improve your vision it is important to find a surgeon who deeply.

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With over forty years of practice between them Dr Jeffrey Singer and Dr Henry Haley are the area's most experienced surgeons involving LASIK and premium.

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